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Welcome golfers to Ver-Trac. Com, we are designers of three new uniquely milled putters – the CSB-1, CSR-1 and OHB-1.  As you look at our golf products/equipment, you will find both center and offset shafted putters with hosels machined as part of the design of the putter.  Also, these putters have machined undercuts which serve as alignment marks, but do not detract from the concentration you need to make those tough 4-6 ft. putts.

Our putters are designed to take strokes off your golf game.  Add a VER-TRAC  putter to your set of golf clubs and enjoy it as you putt on your favorite greens.

Putter Features:

+ Putter Face Width 4 7/8  -  Length 34 inches (standard)
+ All are Stainless Steel
+ All are CNC Milled
+ All weigh 340 grams
+ All have alignment lines to help line up your putt
+ All Hozels are ¼ (qtr.) inch back from the putter face
+ All are titanium nitride coating (gold coating)
+ True Temper Shaft
+ Winn Grip (green)
+ All putters come with a official Ver-Trac cover

The Most Important Dimension In Golf Is The Last 4 Inches Straight Down The Vertical Track

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Ver-Trac putters are built for perfection. Hand crafted to match any specification for any golfer. We treat each customer w/ a hands on approach. Unlike buying the typical putter at your local golf shop, we build your putter to match your height, swing weight, etc..

We boast a state-of-the-art digital swing weight analyzer to pin point an exact swing weight you need. Our brand features NO middle man, you deal directly with the creators as we develop a personable relationship. Our goal is to provide a superior golf product that we guarantee will improve your short game.