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The VER-TRAC putters you see today are a result of an evolving process over the past 20 years.  My original attempts at designing and milling putters quickly taught me that just any design does not translate into a good putter.  It has to look good, be well balanced and most importantly be a manageable weight. 

My golfing experiences through the years have confirmed for me that no putter alone can make 20 ft. putts for you (it is all speed and feed).  My focus turned to designing putters that help with those tough 4-6 ft. putts.  I figured if I could eliminate one stroke thought process, it would help, and that was to make it easier to draw the putter back straight without looping.  As a result, all of your attention is on speed and feed.

I balanced the body of the putters and machined the hosels as part of the overall design.   They are behind the face and below the top edge of the face to ensure stability in striking the ball.   The centered-shafted putters (CSB-1 AND CSR-1) are designed with double-angled hosels (equal to 20 degrees), which helps when you look down at the putter, so the forward part of the putter and shaft part of the putter look equal distance.  The offset putter (OHB-1) has an upright hosel section with a single angle of 20 degrees for a more conventional look. The putters are designed with slopes or tapers which gradually distribute the weight to the bottom section of the hosel.  This 3-axis weighting system allows for a more solid contact as well.  The putters have alignment marks machined as undercuts, which help you line up those 4-6 ft. putts.

Over the past three years, I have used each of the three prototypes with excellent results; in fact, relatives and friends have used the putters with similar results.  The main positive feedback is their ability to draw them back straight, which in turn makes it easier to align and stroke those 4-6 ft. putts.

The Most Important Dimension In Golf Is The Last 4 Inches Straight Down The Vertical Track

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